Your Questions Answered!

When did you first start playing golf?

I first started playing golf at the age of 14. My dad was a greenkeeper and had got me a golf membership but I hadn't used it and he basically gave me an ultimatum, use it or loose it! So I started playing and never looked back.

Have you always been Cack - handed?

Yes, I picked the club up that way and it just felt natural to me. A lot of people have suggested I should change it but when I got to scratch at 17 years old they pretty much left me alone after that.

There is actually a photograph of me aged about 4 at butlins holiday camp, i was handed a club on the pitch and putt area and i am holding it cack handed!!

Did you take lesson?

I never had a single lesson until 2005, aged 24. After coming runner-up in the British Amateur ar Royal Birkdale I was approached by a professional in Edinburgh who believed he could improve my game. Before that most professionals wouldn't even look at me because of my unorthodox grip.

Explain what being cack-handed is?

Being cack handed is basically having a left handed golf grip using right handed clubs. The left hand is below the right.

What is your greatest golfing achievement?

That would be winning the Scottish Amateur Championship in 2007 at Prestwick Golf Club. The entire week was fantastic and one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Can you recall your memorable round of golf to date?

In 2006 while trying to qualify for the British Amateur at Royal St Georges I was the only player in a field of 144 to break par. I had a round of 70 (1 under) which consisted of 3 birdies and 1 double bogey in some of the worst conditions I have played in. The wind was gusting at 20 miles per hour wind there was driving rain. I have never been so relieved to finish a round of golf.

Where is your favourite golf course and why?

Royal Birkdale for the memories of the British Amateur and sharp greens and Loch Lomond for the sheer beauty of the course and its setting.

Name your ideal four ball?

Bill Murray, Bobby Jones & Wayne Rooney ( a fellow cack hander!) 

What is your main ambition as a golfer?

To play on the European Tour.

What advice would you give to young amateurs?

I would say, practice your short game as much as you can as its the most important part of any round of golf.

Tell us an interesting fact? 

I am a fully qualified and time served greenkeeper. My dad was adamant that I should get a qualification before embarking on a golfing career.